E-bike technology: main technical aspects

motor-positioning advantage disadvantage
front hub light pedaling in unassisted mode, low motor noise, simplest maintenance, e-bike riding characteristics unchanged vs normal bike risk of spinning frontwheel on unpaved roads while driving away
rear hub light pedaling in unassisted mode, low motor noise, simple maintenance, e-bike riding characteristics unchanged vs normal bike can not be combined with hub gears
bottom bracket center of gravity unchanged, lower risk of defects because of short wiring gears cause pedaling to be harder in unassisted mode, gear noise with some models, more complicated maintenance.

torque of the e-bike motor advantage disadvantage
low energy-efficient -> battery provides support over longer distances in even terrain risk of overheating when used on long ascends and hilly terrain
high support available also on long ascends and hilly terrain lower energy-efficiency -> battery provides only support over shorter distances

sensors advantage disadvantage
cadance-sensor only simple jerky activation of support
cadance + tension-sensor smooth activation of support possible expensive

battery is removable and can be locked advantage disadvantage
yes battery can be taken from the bicycle for charging, low risk of theft risk of contact failures
no simple battery can only be charged on the bicycle

battery-positioning advantage disadvantage
on rear transport rack battery can be removed/inserted easily higher center of gravity
on frame (mostly behind seat-bar) lower center of gravity higher risk of contact failures as (1) battery is pushed on the contacts while inserting it and (2) the contacts are exposed to more humidity through the lower positioning. Unfamiliar riding characteristics as e-bike frame is longer. Because of these disadvantages, modern e-bike designs increasingly avoid battery-placement behind the seat-bar.

capacity of battery advantage disadvantage
low cheap low supported distance range
high high supported distance range expensive

battery-technology advantage disadvantage
Lithium-Ion high energy-mass [Wh/kg] = higher capacity per battery-weight. No memory-effect (battery-life does not depend on charging cycles chosen) expensive
NiCd or other old technology cheap low energy-mass = low capacity per battery-weight. Memory-effect (battery-life is shortened by unfavorably chosen charging cycles)

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