Gazelle e-bike tips: what e-bikes does Gazelle offer and which one to choose?

Who is Gazelle?

Gazelle bikes logo Gazelle is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in Holland with a market share of over 20% and has produced over 14.5 million bicycles since the company was founded over 100 years ago. Holland boasts the highest number of cyclists per capita in the world, and almost all Dutch cyclist regard their bicycle as a means of transport for year-round, daily use. Since a few years e-bikes are becoming increasingly common on Dutch streets: currently (spring 2018) around 2 million e-bikes are in use in Holland (on a total Dutch population of 16 million). Also in the area of e-bikes Gazelle is the largest brand in the Netherlands. In the last 10 years Gazelle sold over 500,000 e-bikes.

Which e-bike systems does Gazelle offer?

Gazelle offers 4 different e-bike systems:

Gazelle e-bike with mid-mounted motor Gazelle e-bikes with Impulse, Bosch and Shimano Steps systems have very powerful mid-drive motors with a torque of 70, 48 resp. 50 Nm and are suitable for both flat as well as very hilly routes. These E-bikes are thus all-round bicycles which can be used without care on all Austrian streets as they will be able to master any slope.

Gazelle Vordernabenmotor E-Bike The Panasonic e-bike system boasts a very quiet but less strong hub-drive motor with a maximum torque of 30 Nm. This system is very suitable for flat terrain (hmm, could this be a coincidence for a brand based in the "Netherlands"?) and therefore should also in Austria only be used on routes in flat terrain. To make sure Austrian customers do not need to worry about whether their Gazelle e-bike is suitable for the routes they plan to use it on, Stadtradler does not offer the Panasonic e-bike system in Austria.

The different e-bike systems can be equipped with batteries of several capacity-sizes (Silver-, Gold- or Platinum-Batteries), so that the most cost-efficient solution can be chosen for the desired reach.

What reach per e-bike system, level of support and battery?

The numbers for the supported reach in the tables below should be regarded as indications, as the actual reach will also depend on the combination of the cyclist's weight, type of terrain, temperature, gear used, speed, tire pressure, battery age, etc.

Impulse e-bike system logo Silver-Battery Gold-Battery Platinum-Battery
Capacity 312 Wh 416 Wh 482 Wh
Level Eco 70 - 100 km 90 - 130 km 110 - 160 km
Level Sport 60 - 85 km 80 - 115 km 95 - 140 km
Level Power 50 - 70 km 65 - 90 km 80 - 110 km
Bosch e-bike system logo Silver-Battery Gold-Battery Platinum-Battery
Capacity 300 Wh 400 Wh 500 Wh
Level Eco 110 km 145 km 180 km
Level Power 60 km 80 km 100 km
Level Sport 50 km 65 km 80 km
Level Turbo 42 km 55 km 70 km
Shimano Steps e-bike system logo Silver-Battery Gold-Battery Platinum-Battery
Capacity 418 Wh 500 Wh
Level Eco 125 km 145 km
Level Normal 85 km 100 km
Level High 60 km 70 km
Panasonic e-bike system logo Silver-Battery Gold-Battery Platinum-Battery
Capacity 317 Wh 396 Wh 486 Wh
Level Eco 50 - 80 km 65 - 110 km 70 - 120 km
Level Standard 35 - 60 km 45 - 80 km 55 - 95 km
Level High 30 - 50 km 40 - 65 km 45 - 70 km

What warranty does Gazelle offer on its e-bikes?

Gazelle warrants that the supplied batteries still will have at least 80% of the original capacity after 2 years or 300 load cycles. On the other e-bike components Gazelle offers 2 years manufacturer's warranty. And just to show how convinced Gazelle is about the quality of their products: in Holland consumers are able to purchase a 4-year extended warranty for their e-bikes (unfortunately this expanded warranty is not offered outside the Netherlands)!

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