Design your own omabike, vintage bike or other citybike

By selecting from a large choice of configuration packages (gears, breaks, lighting, e-bike option, etc.) and a range of available frames (material, design, standard colours, etc.), you can create your own Azor, Pelago vintage bike or Bella Ciao citybike. If you want, you can even pick your own, customized colour. And maybe the best part: as we do not force you to take any parts you do not want, also your Azor, Pelago or Bella Ciao bike will provide you with excellent value for money!

Visit us at the Stadtradler store to discuss the design of your citybike, or have a look at the Azor brochure with an overview of the configuration packages and available frames (sorry, available in Dutch only..), the Pelago website (in English or Finnish) or the Bella Ciao website (in English or German).

Try your own bike colour

  1. Click on the circle to choose your colour.
  2. Click on the box to choose the saturation and lightness of your chosen colour.
  3. Admire your creation in the picture below!

Please note that the delivery time of a custom-coloured bicycle may be considerably longer than that of a standard-coloured bike. Look at a selection of the Azor, Pelago and Bella Ciao citybike collection and a picture of the standard colours here.

More information on Azor citybikes, Pelago vintage bikes and Bella Ciao bicycles

To get more information on our customizable citybikes, ask us at the Stadtradler store, have a look at the Azor website (sorry, available in Dutch only, so you'll be brushing up on your Dutch soon..), at the Pelago website (in English or Finnish), or at the Bella Ciao website (in English or German).

Finally, a short video outlining the Azor-system for designing your own citybike (only in English):